Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Cori Cycle and What it Means for Fat Loss

So the last post explained the Cori Cycle in hopefully easy enough terms to understand  what's going on.  Now let me explain on why this is important.

Everyone wants to lose fat.  Hey guess what, if you haven't heard, long slow distance isn't the answer.  We all know at this point that intervals do a much better job.  Here's why.

When you fill yourself with lactate, which means working hard, the Cori Cycle kicks in.  Read again, with an emphasis on hard.  Now the main time the Cori Cycle will be prevalent is at rest.  So your resting and the Cori Cycle is working full bore.  Now it takes more energy to run the Cori Cycle then the energy the Cori Cycle produces.  You are creating a negative energy balance.  Whats that mean?  You are burning calories by resting.

Hows that for cool fat burning.   Key points, work hard enough to get lactate into the body.  Flood yourself with lactic acid.  Rest.  Repeat.  Burn energy, lose fat.  Thank the Cori Cycle.  

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