Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Product Review for September: Gymboss

I had been hesitant for awhile to order the Gymboss, for the simple fact that I have a digital watch and I wear it constantly when I work out. But, a few weeks ago, I went ahead an bought it for 20 bucks. It was worth it. It's amazing how much more on point my metabolic workouts have become. That beep that you hear, for however long you set it for, keeps you brutally honest. Was that really 20 seconds already? It has to be at least in the 4th round right? It just removes excuses. Do x amount of work, rest x amount. Repeat x times. Just work and don't worry about the time. I full heartedly endorse it.  It was much smaller then what I thought it would be for some reason.  Here's a link to get yours if you find yourself so inclined.  Gymboss   My favorite uses are 10 seconds on the airdyne, 20 sec rest.  Repeat 8x.  20 seconds with the battling ropes, 10 seconds rest.  Repeat 8x.  Kettlebell swings.  20 seconds on, 20 seconds rest.  Repeat for 5 minutes.  Enjoy

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