Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My notes on the movie "FOOD MATTERS"

These are my notes for the movie Food Matters.  I was going to put my notes in some type of order.  But in actuality, I think the best thing to do is just watch the movie and make your own impressions.  Here are the notes I took on the fly.  I recommend watching the movie.

let thy food be thy medicine, thy medicine be thy food

he believed the human body had an innate capacity for self healing.  (funny same thing as chiropractors)

First, do no harm.  It is still the hippocratic oath taken by modern doctors

Modern doctors have little to no nutritional education.

Modern medicine revolves around a "pill for every ill"

Sickness industry.

Financial industry says the biggest way to save money is to get healthy stay healthy.

39,000 people die due to unnecessary surgery and other errors in hospitals.

80,000 people die due to other infections in hospitals.

106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions

The message, you are what you eat!

Pesticides, herbacides, larvacide, fungicides,  We're putting chemicals on everything!  ..big problem is the soil.  No nutrients in it anymore.   average distance of our food is 1500-2000 miles away.  week old food, how much nutritional value are we losing?

Soils become the new dessert when crops aren't rotated or just used up.

Fertalisers,  NPK  (nitrogen, phosphorous, potasium)  problem is the soil needs 52 minerals.

Soil is deficient, plants are deficient and weak.  Bugs can attack and destroy, so you reach for the pesticide.

Live enzymes in raw food, that help with body digestion.  When you cook your food, even steaming, you start to kill the live enzymes.

when you cook food the immune system acts to it as a toxin, digestive leukocytosis is the process
starts to generate white cell activity against the cooked food you've just eaten.

Dr. Paul Kouchakoff  showed that your immune system acts with cooked food over 51%, under 50% you will not show white cell activity.   The study was done in 1930.

Think of it as chronic malnutrition.

Leads to the discover of superfoods.

Spirulina is the highest protein content food in the world.  Was consumed for 5000 years in Mexico.
50% of protein is destroyed by heat.  So the future liquid protein will be important.  Spirulina is 75% protein.  A steak after cooking will get 25%.

Cacao beans stack up against anything in the world in terms of minerals.  It's the highest natural source of magnesium.  Highest natural source of chromium.  Very likely the highest natural source of iron.  Very likely the highest manganese.  One of the highest contents of zinc.  One of the highest in copper. One of the highest in Vit C, but chocolate has none, because heat destroys Vitamin C.

Big idea is that we have inverted what we pay for, what we value. Pay for rent and cars but won't pay for food.

You can take vitamins to stay healthy, you can take vitamins to treat illness.  Why don't you hear of this?
How can that be?  News reports say you shouldn't take too much.  (wheres evidence)  Not belief but facts.  Over the last 23 years, according to poison control, there have been 10 deaths attributed to vitamin consumption.    Lists some of the evidence vs the "negative propoganda" that is being thrown around.
No evidence for vitamin C and kidney stone.  MYTH

Less then 6% of graduating physicians in the USA receive any formal training in nutrition.

Reading papers by WIlliam J McCormack, Frederick Rober Klenner, they were curing viral conditions with high dose Vit C in the 1940's.

Linus Pauling the first to suggest that vit C could be useful to fight colds.

Problem is one nutrient is good at many things??  Vit E.  Good for heart disease, good for healing burns, good for epilepsy.  Pretty diverse.
Vit C:  anti-toxin, anti-histamine, anti-viral, blood sugar regulation, mood elevator,
Why can one thing be so important, because one deficiency can cause so many different things.  There are only about two dozen nutrients, but in the body there are countless thousands of chemical reactions.

You cannot heal selectively, if you truly heal, everything heals.

When you take vitamins, the vitamins aren't healing you, the body is healing you, they enable to the body to do it, to heal itself.

"its the doctors duty to activate and reactivate the body's own healing mechanism"  Max Gershon,  Founder of Gershon therapy.

We've tried many models.  How about healthy boost!

Problems with many vitamin studies is they are very low dose,  so you get conflicting results, one says vit help a little, others say vit doesn't help

The RDA is the recommended daily allowance so that you don't get a disease such as rickets.
If you have High Stress job you're need for vit c goes up, you are producing more adrenaline, therefor your vit C levels are going way down.  Cardiovascular system is under attack.  Link between stress and heart attack.

Cardiovascular disease is a disease of civilization.  Not eating the right things or doing the right things.
Modern medicine says cardiovascular disease is irriversable.

Dr Dean Ornish has gotten amazing results with people with cardio disease.  He puts them on a strict diet which is basically a vegetarian diet. Plant based, high fiber, loaded with vit, minerals.  He also has them do a stress reduction.

1/2 of cardiovascular disease the first symptom is death.

Enter drug therapy.  In the UK about 10,000 people die from adverse drug reactions.  3,300 from motor vehicle accidents.  Prostate cancer 9000

Pharmaceutical companies aren't designed to make drugs, they are to designed to make money.
Drug companies actually are the ones that pay the drug regulators and those that control the drug research.

Some research articles that show high dosage of vitamins cures disease have been black listed.

There is no money in health.

For a drug to get approved it has to shown to be more effective than a placebo in two trials.  That doesn't mean it can't run several several trials until it gets what it wants.  It doesn't have to show the regulators that we ran 100 trials, 98 were worse, but these two were better.

Drugs: Short term, life saving perfectly fine.  The problem is the long term drug prescription.  These are the problems that they don't really work great for.

B3 (3000mg)  niacin has shown to help depression.  Alcholics Annonymous.

Two handfuls of cashews give you the therapeutic equivalent of one dosage of prozoc.

Whatever is going on in the mind, can be influenced by what goes on in the body.

Drink 1 liter of water first thing in the morning.  Must detoxify.  Get the stuff out, to get the good stuff in.

Paradigm shift.  Tumor is not the cancer.  Medicine is still attacking the wrong thing.  Cancer cure isn't around the corner.

Gershon in the 1940's fought cancer with fresh fruit, vegetable juice.  He had about 50% success with terminal cancer.

Shows some impressive before and after photos of fighting cancer with foods.

They (drug companies) have manipulated the statistics.  They have changed the word survivor.  Survivor now means 5 years.  If you die from cancer 5 years 6 months after treatment.  You are still considered a cancer survivor!

It is illegal in most countries to treat cancer with nutritional therapies.  The only legal treatments in these countries are surgery, radiation therapy and chemo therapy.

One of the supreme choices you have is what you will or will not eat.

Gives examples of high dose vit C intravenously 30-100,000mg a day.  Vit C selectively kills cancer cells.
If this were so good how come no one does it?  No one knows about it?  Where is it?

Orthomolecular is nutritional medicine.

Thoughts of my own.  Cacao is something that should be added to my diet.  Stick more with my vitamin regiment.  Drink more water.  Going to try drinking 20 ounces of water on waking.  I got a sweet new juicer from my wife as a present and should use it a heck of a lot more.  I too have had a backward view of the cost of food.  I have been willing to pay for the best computer (apple) but I will pass on blueberries when they get to be 3.00 a pint, or will have no problem forking over 4.00 for my cappucino.  I too have to shift my food priorities.  Health is priceless.  You are what you eat.  Cells are made from food.  You are made of cells.  What are you using as building blocks?

I recommend this movie for the simple fact that maybe it will inspire one more good habit.  It will cause you to think.  I think the bad thing is that sometime you can become paralized with information.  Is this food local? organic? what was the soil like?  ect.  Pick a few good habits and go after them.

Like Dave Ramsey and his snow ball debt effect, look at your health as the same thing.  Start with one habit and go after it, then the next one.  Don't try to do everything at once.  Good luck.


Sifter said...

Please show us where giving 30-100,000 units of Vitamin C kills cancer cells. Lot of claims made, I just don't believe it. Yeah, we all want to believe Big Pharma is out to screw us, myself included. But some of these claims are just as ludicrous and snake-oil like as the 'controlled, double-blind' trials that generate preferred outcomes, i.e. Lipitor, Vioxx, Celebrex. Just 'cuz something is 'alternative' doesn't make it any less whacko.

Jason Ross said...

One of the Docs that stated that was from Australia, he actually goes on to say that they have used up to 250,000 units of Vit C with no adverse reactions.

I found that claim to be pretty out there in terms of the cancer cells, but then I started thinking about what was actually said. It kills cancer cells. Not cures cancer.
I've read some research where things such as curcumin extracts kill cancer cells, but doesn't "cure" cancer.

It's like a catch22 with some of this stuff, you want to see the research, but they say it's "blacklisted."

I had a medical doctor tell me while I was in chiro school that all the great breakthroughs for Vitamin research that was being done in the 30's died when they found penicillin, and would never be done again, because of the money factor. So I've heard it before.

I think the big thing to take away from the movie though, is eat better food. You can't live off processed food and expect to be healthy long term.

Delefonte said...

Your notes are much appreciated. This is one my favorite health related documentaries...having these notes will make it much easier to spread some of the many jewels of wisdom to others.

Stay Healthy.


Unknown said...

My thought about pharma is: I've seen companies come out with a drug that is time teated and provwn with few if any side effects. Why then if theae drugs are doing a great job do pharm companies INSIST in coming out with a new drug that has signifigant side effects and is unproven or is proven by very little trials? Something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the documentary. Great notes