Thursday, January 20, 2011

Battle Rope Variations

Battle Ropes from Perform Better. It was a great addition to the gym for some metabolic workouts. Another chance to see Rocco as well!


Danielle Musto said...

Why isn't Rocco wearing his turquoise jacket for the video??? :-)

Anonymous said...

what is metabolic workouts? could you explain that simple words :)
thanks :)
this guestion comes from finland

Jason Ross said...

Metabolic Workouts are just brief, intense workouts designed to spike your metabolism and burn fat. They don't last long. Try 20 seconds of activity, 20 seconds of rest and repeat 8x.

Robert said...

Muscles and Curves is supposed to be releasing some new 8-strand poly ropes in black. The additional strands should solve any issues with rope "hockle" or binding. I'm going to wait until they have them in stock before I buy my own battling ropes.