Friday, January 14, 2011

Congratulations to Shuana Rohbock and Valerie Flemming for GOLD

Congrats to T.O.P. athletes Shauna and Val for bringing home another Gold medal to their impressive career.  They have taken two silvers as well this year.  This is their final year competing for the United States and they are making an amazing statement on their farewell tour.

The pair was able to come out to Grand Rapids, MI for a week of treatment and training at Train Out Pain Chiropractic before they headed out to Europe.  They are gearing up for a run at the World Championships in Koonigsee, Germany in mid February.  It's always tough to steal medals from the Germans on their home track, but I'm betting these two will.

I will be in Koonigsee for the competition from Feb 10-20 working the World Championships.  I will post more photos and updates as I can.

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