Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't Go Further, Go Faster

The more I read foreign translated articles and books about strength training and the more I get to talk and interact with a few foreign coaches, the more I see a different paradigm when it comes to endurance training.

In the US, I predominately see a go further attitude.  Other places it's a go faster attitude.  Time and time again, for example,  I will get a patient in that wants to run their first 5k or reach 40 miles in a week.  They may have some  setbacks, but eventually they reach their goal.

What happens next, I've observed,  is quite interesting.  Predominately, most will then say, I want to do a 10k or hit 45 miles next.  I've had very few people say, I want to run faster.

Here's the thing, you can go further, without really getting better as a runner.  You cannot run faster without getting better as a runner.  To run faster, you have to get stronger, get more energy efficient, improve biomechanics or some kind of combination.

Now I didn't say you wouldn't get better if you ran further, but it's not guaranteed.  Run faster though, it is guaranteed.  So go get faster!

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drchirousa said...

A good post that makes a person think about being more practical.