Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Few Good Reads/Studies

If you haven't seen this study, it does a great analysis of the deadlift vs the trap bar deadlift.  Essentially you could swap out a squat or a trap bar deadlift to hit the same musculature.  Here it is.  Trap bar vs deadlift.

If your looking for an interpretation of what it may mean for your training.  ANALYSIS.

Here was a study done on swishing  a carb drink in your mouth vs just water as two groups of cyclists peddle for performance in an hour time trial.  The carb group had significant improvements.  Pretty cool.  All you cyclocross riders take note!  Carb Mouth Rinse Study.

This study was from a Poliquin note.  Haven't found the exact study, but I've heard this before.  Groups were used to see if cooling the palm, heating the palm or nothing improved short intense exercise.  Cooling the palms was the big winner.  They did bench with 85% max weight.  The cooled palms group were able to do more reps.  I remember a few years ago reading about a glove that was being developed out of Stanford that cooled the body.  The subjects were able to keep up their max effort pull ups for much longer.  Nice.  Take those frozen bottles to the gym!

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