Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vitamin D and the NFL

Here is a pic of all the supplements I take daily.  I read the other day that the only hormone you control is Insulin.  I disagree.  Vitamin D is actually a hormone in the body.  I don't think people fully realize just how important vitamin D is.  I've written previously on all the benefits.  I came across a new study that caught my eye though.  It was in this Science Daily article.

They showed that Vitamin D was more deficient in the NFL players that had some muscular injuries.  Very interesting.  If you make it to the NFL, you are physically gifted in athletic ability and also gifted in recovery.  So, if a Vitamin D deficiency can have that kind of impact on those physically blessed, chances are it can play an even more important role for you and I, for recovery, health and performance.  Think about it.

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Mick said...

Interesting, I love vitamin D for moods and of course join issues, I think calcium and magnesium are best to combine with this product, what are those other bottles?