Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Documentary "Strong" Cheryl Haworth

Last night I had the opportunity to see the documentary "Strong."  Thanks to Crossfit 616 for the invite.  It was premiered at the UICA in downtown Grand Rapids. This should be available for viewing sometime in late June, early July. 

 "Strong"  follows the exploits of Cheryl Haworth an American super heavyweight Olympic Lifter.  She was the bronze medalist in 2000 Sydney Olympics.  It essentially picks off after a horrific elbow injury in 2003 and ends with her 2008 Olympics in Beijing.  

Through the journey you see a young lady dealing with injury, love of the sport that vacillates, body image (she was 290lb) training and life.  She talks openly about how her weight helps with her sport, but that she doesn't want to be that big in everyday life.  So she talks about the internal conflict she had with this dilemma.  

Throughout the movie you get a nice feel for what Olympic athletes have to deal with and how it's not always the physical side that is the hardest to overcome after a setback like an injury.  There are mental and emotional hurdles that have to be vanquished for the purest form of athletic expression to be achieved.

As with every injury and setback, the sacrifice you put into the goal comes into question.  Is this worth it?  Is a question that looms in the back of your head.  The director did a great job of letting us follow this incredible athlete and Cheryl did an awesome job of letting us into the psyche of an elite athlete.  

"It's a lot easier talking yourself into doubting,  that this weight is to heavy to lift, then I can lift this."

Anyone that's ever picked up a barbell can relate.  Anyone that has had to deal with injury or setback will enjoy this.  Anyone that has had to come to the grips with the notion that you have to move on to the next stage of life will find this well worth their time.

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