Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Thoughts From Train Out Pain

These are just things I've thought in the past week or so that I didn't feel like making into blog posts.

If you ever need motivation for a goal of any physical nature, volunteer or go watch a race, triathlon or competition that isn't being done by professionals. I watched a man who was a double leg amputee, one arm amputee, run across an Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday.

Sometimes all you need for new ideas is a change of environment.

Freeing up the abductor hallucis around the cuneiform and first metatarsal joint helps restore big toe motion. I think this gets locked down when the sustenaculem tali in the calcaneus is no longer under the center of mass with running or walking.

Try this new push up version. I read it in Martin Rooneys "Warrior Cardio." Instead of feet on the floor, put them flat up against the wall at your shoulder height. Don't let them fall to the floor as you do a push up. It's an incredible lat, core exercise. I think this is the definition of super stiffness and would make Stu McGill very proud.

Be carful of cortisone shots. A patient had one in her knee and the VMO completely atrophied. Her MD said that this can happen when you have an allergic reaction. He estimated as high as 15% have a reaction. This is the first I've seen of this.

My Chris Carter "come on man" moment goes to the two, count them two, people who told me peanut butter M&Ms are a health food.

You have to master the Hip Hinge if you want to a chance at a pain free back.

I never thought I would become an eBook guy. I loved the feel of a book. Now I realize ebook is how I prefer to read and study. I can read through a chapter of multiple books right in a row(currently eight) and look up any word or concept (great for textbooks) instantly. I don't have to pack or carry them. Funny how we have false perceptions of what we like vs what we think we like.

Charlie Weingroff is one smart dude. I've heard him speak last year and continue to read his stuff. I have never failed to learn something new.

A chiropractor told me that the difference between Medical docs and Chiropractors is that they think the body can not heal itself and that we do. Black and white. Truthfully, I think I'm more of a very light shade of grey.

-train out pain and train in performance!


Dave Brelinski said...

That's a win for the candy industry's marketing.

Anonymous said...

I saw many of these machines come within, and many ones were in their particular original packaging. Others were used a couple of times and only incredibly rarely did they show any signs of usage or wear. If you really want access to tried and true core workout, join a gym.