Friday, June 22, 2012

Fascia Fitness Friday: The Recipe for Healthy Movement

Here is the recipe I use.  Pinch of this, pinch of that.  I do believe in the order.  The quantity of each ingredient is up to you.  (I do use chiropractic adjustments, but that wouldn't work for home care.)

1.  Muscle Release Work.  I use A.R.T.   Any soft tissue work will do.  You can use a foam roller for self use.  The principle here is tissue quality.

2.  Long Myofascial Chain Stretches.  For example, if you just did work with the quads, I suggest you stretch the whole frontal chain on that side.  A little anatomy trains knowledge is helpful.  (see Thomas Meyers)  The principle is length.

3.  Activation.  I use M.A.T.  Essentially, Muscle Activation Technique uses low grade isometrics to make sure a muscle can contract fast.  The principle is facilitation.

4.  Strength/Power.  Bodyweight movements.  Squat, lunges, push ups, chin ups ect.  This doesn't have to be bodyweight either.  Just easier patient homework to give.  This is tempo driven.  Beginners would start with a slower tempo.  4 second eccentric, pause, 2 second concentric as an example.  A more advance athlete may be given a fast tempo.  The principle is Strength Expression.

There you go.  Play around.   Train Out Pain Chiropractic Myofascial Health Recipe.

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