Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Small Overlooked Muscles: Pyramidalis for Adductor and Abdominal Pain

The Pyramidalis is a very small triangular shaped muscle that originates off the pubic crest.  Its function is to tense the linea alba.  The line alba is the line in the rectus abdominis.

Fascially, this muscle I believe holds important tension relationships between the adductor fascia and the abdominal fascia.

It is essentially a crossroads between the opposite adductor and the opposite oblique muscles.  This is sometimes referred as the anterior oblique system.

Find your belly button.  Slowly palpate lower until you hit bone.  You will be on the pubic crest.  Slowly rub back and forth.  One side is usually more tender.  This would be the one to target.  This muscle can play a contributing factor to pubic area pain, abdominal pain and groin pain.  Hockey and soccer players will often present with this.

I usually have the patient or athlete do this on their own as it's in a pretty sensitive area.


Muscle Fatigue said...

I learn new things on this post. Thank you..

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post. I was going crazy trying to figure out where my mild pain was coming from This little muscle seems to be it.

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Glad to hear you are on to the Omega 3 benefits of sardines and salmon. They are also a good source of protein for increasing muscle mass.

Happy you found the tips helpful too!
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Kari Winfield said...

Hello, do you have any tips on treating this muscle strain?

Unknown said...

I treat this muscle for L5 S1 pain especially with a spondylesthesis.