Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Thoughts and Readings this Week

I get the question asked of me frequently of what side I fall on the barefoot or "normal" running shoe debate.  I find this way of thinking fascinating.  First, it makes an assumption there is a correct answer.  I don't think there is one.  If you have wore an orthotic and a reinforced brick on your feet for 20 years, only occasionally jog,  common sense says, don't go buy a minimalist shoe and run.  Perhaps walk.  For many months.  You are unique.  I personally use an orthotic and wear "minimalist shoes." (not together)

(why if they are minimalist, and they really do have nothing to them, do they cost the same or more then other shoes?)

Here is an article talking about perhaps the same concept that not everyone is supposed to run with a forefoot strike.  Journal of Ankle Research.    This dives into energy efficiency, hind strike is more energy efficient.  Forefoot is faster.

For the record, I hate the Merrill version.  I feel like I'm walking on my heels.  When I'm barefoot, I do not.

This pretty much sums up the basics of "Philosophy of Sprint."  Simple, but the meanings behind each takes years of study and dedication to master.

I like Charlie Weingroffs idea of Boyles joint by joint approach where he sees stable segments moving on top of mobile segments.  This makes sense to me.  Muscles have main jobs, brakes and gas pedals.  The ones that propel and the ones that stabilize.  Nothing new here, just more clarity.

I've continued to use the diaphragmatic breath at end ranges of motion, either with A.R.T. in office or with specific exercises I give my patients/athletes.  I'm liking the results.

If I had to sum up the fascial chains for runners.  Keep the back side strong, calves, hamstrings, butt muscles (all).  Keep the front side loose.  Tib Anterior, quad group, psoas(all hip flexors).  You will run more efficiently and have much less chance to get injured.

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