Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Stuff to Read and Do

Some things I've read that I have found interesting.

Chris Kresser talks about chronic sinus infection and how to possibly treat them.  Can it be as easy as using Johnson Baby Shampoo?  60% success ratio.
Here is the link.  Recommended Sinusitis Treatment. 

Mike Robertson wrote a piece for T-Nation about steps for a better deadlift.  I've met Mike a few times and he is a smart dude.  I trust his information and can say all his steps are joint friendly.  5 tips for a Bigger Deadlift. 

A patient that hasn't had any luck with any of the manual therapies for migraine type headaches, found that if she sips Lipton Black Tea, instantly takes the migraine away.  Normally, she would have to pop a drug that would take some time.  Caffeine doesn't have the same effect.  Could be coincidence, but if you are a migraine sufferer, or know of someone, give it a shot.

People always talk about balance in there programing for training.  How many people can even do a 1/3 of the reps in the inverted row as they can with push ups?  What would happen if you could do as many rows as push ups?  I'm guessing the shoulders would be much more stable and injury proof.  I think this is a good goal for 2013.

Adults need playgrounds too.  Who wouldn't rather work out outside then in a gym.  We have small summers here in the Midwest.  I think we should take advantage of them.  Here's a cool article about Adult Playgrounds.  

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