Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Cyclist Should Squat

If you consider yourself a cyclist and don't do some sort of squat pattern you are doing yourself a disservice and potentially setting yourself up for injury.  Like many things with performance and health, we have a negative and positive feedback loop.  The good news, there are several ways to break the negative loop and get you pedalling (pun intended) in the right direction.

First, the adductor magnus is a powerful muscle, capable of generating a lot of work.

Second, cyclists use the adductor magnus to go from flexion to neutral.  (so extension)

Third, the squat pattern when the hip external rotators are doing their job of keeping the knees out on decent, allow the adductor magnus to be trained as a hip extensor and also eccentrically lengthens the tissue.

So when everything is working well, squats will make the adductor stronger in hip extension and this will make you a stronger, healthier rider.

Break the loop by, loosening the hip rotators by rolling on a tennis ball for a few minutes a few times per day, followed by shins vertical, knees out squatting movement.

I like Goblet Squats for cyclists.  I've posted a video of Goblet squats previously.  So start a positive loop with your squatting, cycling and adductor magnus strength this winter.

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