Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seminar Recap: Inflammation, Pain and Purification

This past weekend I went to a seminar here in Grand Rapids, MI entitled Inflammation, Pain and Purification.  It was put on by Standard Process, so in all fairness, they are talking about "THEIR" products, but regardless, the underlying theme of decreasing inflammation, pain and detoxing are always beneficial.  It was given by Dr. Davis Brockenshire.  He knew his stuff and was fun to learn from.

I will start by saying, I always get pretty excited to be learning about new products that people are supposedly using very successfully in their practice.  Then as the day goes on, I start to lose some steam, as we are now on the 15th product that is "Must Have."  By the end, it's almost paralysis by analysis there are so many options.

Here are my highlights.  While there was tremendous amount of information, these are probably the only ones I will use/implement or at least pass on if I find the right situation.

If you know you are getting a vaccine of any sort, prepare your body a week before by boosting your immunity with good foods and supplements.

The single biggest reason vaccine fails is the use of NSAIDS right after.  Vaccines cause an inflammatory reaction.  Don't extinguish it, if you want your body to accept it.

Gotu Kola supposedly helps to grow cartilage.  This got my attention big time, as I have ongoing elbow problems. The research is just on a pig, but definitely interesting.

Gotu Kola is great for manual therapy as it helps to decrease soreness after deep tissue work.  This seems more reasonable and I may look into offering this to patients.

Keep your trace minerals up.  This is an often overlooked supplement.  (Sometimes just a glass of water and Himalayan salt in the morning.)  That's a tip from a separate source.

It takes 3 months to make new blood.

B vitamins are deficient in many people.  If you fall asleep but wake up, may look into supplementing with B vitamins.

Black Spanish Root was mentioned so many times me and my buddy joked that it's the super supplement.  Stated to be great for digestion, liver and gall bladder health, respiratory health, and for detox.

The foods you eat are 3x more important then exercise for keeping weight off.

Something I will agree on, Green Tea has been proven to do so much good stuff for you, learn to love it and drink it a lot of it.

Turmeric is a great supplement for inflammation.  Curcumin is the active ingredient.

If you take Ibuprofen or other NSAIDS and this is your only way of coping with life, 7 days on and take 3 days off, if you want it to remain effective.

ORAC values of food is useless.  Doesn't take into account deep nutrition.  Broccoli only has an ORAC of 900. Yet it does much more then just "fight free radicals."

Ginko Balboa and Turmeric with DHA (tuna oil) for closed head injuries.  (concussion for example)  The Ginko and Turmeric cross blood brain barrier and the DHA is a brain food.  Thought this was pretty cool as there isn't much info on concussion nutrition.

Kids are becoming zinc deficient.  Think this statement was more from his clinical practice.  He showed a few slides where environmental toxins are way up and this leads to zinc deficiency.

Skittles have more food coloring then any other candy/food out there.

Mold turns radiation into energy.  Mold loves sugar, electromagnetic radiation.  A lot of oils fight mold very well such as Oregano.

Echinacea is the real deal when you get a pure clinically relevant sample.  Most of the echinacea in health stores are sub quality at best.  It shows as much promise as Resveratrol (red wine), but is much cheaper.  So for boosting immunity and lifespan, look at pure grade Echinacea.

If you are fighting a cold or the flu longer then 10 days, try taking some Astragalus.  Or if your someone that burns the candle at both ends.

Overall, I think the message I take away is, choose supplements wisely.  If your going to pay money for something, at least make sure what it is, is what it is.  Support your liver and do everything you can do to improve digestion.


Danny Adams said...

Hey Jason,

A couple of questions,

i) Does it make a difference if you drink decaf green tea instead of caffeinated green tea with regard to health benefits?

ii) out of interest, how many supplements do you take each day? I am taking 6 at the moment.

Great post once again by the way :-)


Amy Scheer said...

I, too, have elbow cartilage issues, so please let me know if you start incorporating Gotu Kola.

Is there a vitamin/supplement that targets cartilage repair? I feel mine decompressing, but a little too much load always reveals the underlying problems there.

Jason Ross said...

Danny, Thanks! As far as I can find, doesn't make a diff in decaf or not. Supplements that I keep staples are.
1. Fish oil
2. Vit D
3. Magnesium
4. Whey Protein
5. I alternate between a multivitamin a green drink and how many vitamix drinks I ingest. Lol

Now I'm kinda testing some things for my elbow. Boswelia/curcumin/hyaluronic acid and the Gotu Kola.

Jason Ross said...

Amy, I will let you know about he GK. As far as I know there is nothing right now for the cartilage which is why the GOtu Kola is intriguing.

I'm working on introducing bone broth and some cartilage into diet to see if this helps my elbow issues. We'll see.

Danny Adams said...

Thanks for responding Jason! Im 75% through Evan Osar's corrective exercises solutions, fantastic reading, great recommendation. Next up is Schleip's book on fascia :D