Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend Coffee 1: Summery of Articles for the Week

I've used Evernote for a few years now.  Each use, it grows more useful for me.  Kinda like a personal storage engine.  One of the prime ways I use it is with a quick save of articles and ideas that come across during the week.

I will find an article on a blog, website, Facebook , twitter or email that interests me, but I don't have the time in the moment to read it.  So I will tag it, save it,  and come back to it when I get some time.

So these are a few from the last week or two.  Grab a cup of coffee (unstoppable coffee if you're in the know) and see if any of these reads interest you to read further.

Stretching is actually a complicated subject.  Is it good, is it bad?  Whats the best way to do it?  What is actually happening when we stretch?  This paper talks about some possible theories and refutes a few as well.   Stretching on Physther.   Conclusion from the paper that it is most likely an modified sensation by the person stretching that allows more muscle extensibility.

Using what is called Flux Based Analysis, supplements were analyzed.  This was an interesting paper as it goes into what could be the future of supplementation for human metabolism and health.  Methionine, Arginine and BCAA's seem to increase protein synthesis post exercise.  Supplement or Not to Supplement.  It talks about how perhaps using this model type 1 (slow twitch) and type 2 (fast twitch)supplementation may be used to target these fiber types.  Interesting.

Benefits of Non-Functional Training.  Basically prepping single joints for better movement.  Getting local tissue ready to handle uncertain situations.  I'm looking forward to the Functional Range Conditioning seminar I'm taking in a few months.

Vimeo has some pretty sweet videos available for free.  One is Erwan LeCorre talking about MovNat: Evolutionary Natural Fitness.  45 talking about modern health and why we are losing it.

Don't give your kids fancy shoes to run.  Old fashioned plimsoll's shoes allow kids to learn to run more naturally.  Now as an adult, don't read this and think it's best for you.  If you've worn a 2" inch athletic heel for 30 years.  You are in a different category.  Help your kid though, not become you.

Nothing really about health and fitness, just plain fascinating.  Insects show these micro gears that perhaps we will learn how to use to advance our mechanical knowledge.  Fascinating.

Copper has shown to destroy highly infectious norovirus.  Virus can live on surface such as door handles.  Hopefully this information trickles down to schools, hospitals and other public places.

Loose connective tissue in the neck may play a roll in Chronic Neck Pain.  This was just the abstract.  

Golden Arches: Human Feet.  Quick take on perhaps the foot's lateral arch is more flexible then we previously thought.

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