Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Coffee 2: Good Reads

Get your coffee and peruse the following.

I read the book "Free to Learn" last year.  This article talks about the concept and has some good points about how children are suffering from lack of play.  Couldn't agree more.  Basically to much forced learning/activities, not enough time just playing, has it's consequences. The Play Deficit. 

Speaking of consequences, the loss of mobility has more pronounced consequences then just physical health as we age.  One test that can be easily monitored for the elderly is the get up and go test.  Person sits, gets up, walks ten feet, turns around, walks back and sits back down.  Measure and record.  Don't lose your mobility. 

If that has you clenching your teeth in agreement, be careful.  The position of your jaw may influence muscle activity.  Short abstract on how jaw placement can effect knee muscular recruitment.  Knee mechanics. 

But, we are getting super freaky fine tuned if we start talking about 1mm of jaw placement.  Perhaps we are over thinking things at times.  For the runners out there, this article describes several scenarios where awesome runners overcame serious setbacks.  The body can adapt.  Sometimes we don't give it credit for being just an amazing organic organism instead of just a nuts and bolts machine.  The Running Machine Myth.

So your not going to have excuses for not being able to run, but you want to run faster! 7 myths of the 40 yard dash.  Nice article on some very common practices that coaches/athletes do in the hope to get faster.  I like how there are several tips that are proven to work and not just a list of don't do's.

With all this running, you are probably going to be breathing hard.  This is a good thing.  Strengthen up that diaphragm.  It's a muscle and when it lack endurance it may correlate to low back pain.   Very short abstract.  Diaphragm.

Have a great weekend.

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