Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Acute Lower Back Pain

Dealing with acute back pain that wants to bring you to your knees is one of the more challenging scenarios a person can face.  For the person dealing with back pain it can feel like your body has betrayed you.  You feel weak and vulnerable. 

Rolling from one side to the other can be painfully slow.  A sneeze or cough can give you mild anxiety as this can being you that sharp electrical stab of jolting pain.  The idea of doing anything athletic again seems so far away from possibility when putting your socks on feels like a chore. 

Your abs start to hurt from having a constant brace.  Imagination can run wild.  What if I've herniated a disc or tore something.  Isn't this worse then last time?

What can you do?

Quit feeling like a victim.   That doesn't help.  You're in charge of your health and your body.  The results are the choices you have made.  So don't blame the back Gods or luck.  

Avoid the ice.  It's a pain blocker.  You need to feel what's happening.   What makes you feel worse and what makes you feel slightly better?

Can you walk?  Then walk.  If walking hurts can you lay on your back slowly rock your hips to the air back and forth?  If you stretch a hamsting does it feel better one leg vs the other?   How about a quadricep?  Glute max stretch? 

Rolling on a ball on your side produce any benefits?  

Are you drinking as much as you can.  Hydration helps fight inflammation.  1/2 kneeling and breathing feel better after a few minutes? 

Find one or two things that produces even a small amount of relief and hammer it home.  Be an active participant in regaining that health.

I wrote this for me, but if it helps you, bonus. 

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