Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Online Learning Opportunity: Equinox High Performance

This past week I started working my way through the Equinox High Performance Summit online seminar.  They filmed them into webinars from the live summit Nov 7-9.  Essentially, you will have access for 3 months to the 21 presentations from some of the very top authorities dealing in health, sports, nutrition, fitness, sleep and recovery.

21 one hour seminars is a lot of information that is available at your own viewing.  Pretty awesome.  I've watched and taken notes on 5 so far and haven't been disappointed by any of them.  I'll post some of my notes on the speakers as the weeks go by, but this is a great opportunity to learn.

2014 Equinox High Performance Summit Virtual Event.

I don't think they are offering this after the 16th of this month, so if you are interested, better order it.

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