Sunday, March 15, 2015

Genetic and Epigenetic Information

Every other Sunday I tend to go through my Evernote app and see what I have saved because I read or listened to something and think it is worthy to keep track of or I save something to go back and read it when I have more time.  ( I love the Evernote app)

Here are a few I think worthwhile, for some reason, this week was all about Epigentics/Genetics. 

Epigenetic topic has always fascinated me since I first heard about the topic a few years ago.  This was an enjoyable podcast on the Breaking Muscle Site.  Understanding the Impact of Epigenetics.

This article in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine is called, "The Dawning Age of Genetic Testing for Sports Injuries."  This article goes into detail about how potentially a few genes may predispose you to perhaps a soft tissue injury.  

Do you see what I did there?  I got you learning about epigenetics, followed up on a paper about genetics.  Epi- mean over or above.  So the individual is in control even when they are predisposed to a certain profile.  

The topic about how our grandparents have influence us is fascinating to me.  How you live influenced your grandkids that are not born yet...potentially.  This article in Scientific American, "Descendents of Holocaust Survivors Have Altered Stress Hormones, presents some really interesting information in the practical sense of how potentially big epigenetics and genetics play a roll in our health.  

Enjoy a solid end to your weekend.  Plan the week.  Enjoy your family.   Move well and Move often.  

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