Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review of Hacking the Hinge with Charlie Weingroff and Mark Cheng

Anytime I spend money on a product, I'm satisfied if I've learned one or two things that I think I will be able to use with my patients that I treat or coach.  From this criteria, the video Hacking the Hinge with Charlie Weingroff and Mark Cheng was a worthwhile investment.  It is available as a digital download or DVD from Movement lectures.

Investment.  Spending time and money to get better.  This was worth my money and my time.  30 dollars and 2.5 hours later.  I've a page of notes and few more ways to gain entry points when coaching the hinge.

Why is the hinge so important?

It is the basis for athletic movement.  The basis for lifting.  The basis for getting strong!  Deadlifts, kettlebell swings, squatting are all based off a great hip hinge.  Hip hinge saves the lumbar spine, which means a great hinge can mean getting people out of back pain.

I thought I was pretty good at coaching the hinge, the deadlift and the swing.  I feel I'm a lot better now.

3 Perspectives of Movement.
1. Biomechanical
2. Neuromuscular
3.  Neurodevelopmental

These are covered as are some strategies to look at it for each.   How does a toe touch and straight leg raise relate to what is happening in the hinge?  You need 54 degrees of forward flexion from the spine.  High threshold activities will work but they come at a cost and are not ideal.  Do you have the joint ROM to achieve proper positions.

Feet turned out is a neurodevelopment position.  Fastest dudes in the world run this way.  Laying on the ground with the feet turned out is relaxing for the brain and breathing.  Good stuff.

 Some one liners that will get you thinking.
It is all about putting the body in the right position to absorb and adapt to stress.
Respect the neck.  If it is not in the ideal position your mobility work won't take.
A kettlebell swing is a ballistic deadlift.

As a trainer or a coach you won't be disappointed.  As an athlete you will have two of the best teaching you the basis for a better hip hinge, which is the basis for getting brutally strong.  I highly recommend it.

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