Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mental Shift: There is No Z in Craftsmanship

We as human beings by default are end goal beasts.  We look into the future and extrapolate where we want to be.  We think once I get there, I'll be done.  I started at A, I just hit Z, I'm done. 

I finally made it.

As a young professional it may have been graduation was your Z.  Then you realized it was having your own practice became the Z.  Then perhaps your Z was a certain income.  I know people whose Z is several practices.

Z can be many things to different people.  

Z is marriage, it is kids, it's is kids in college, it's a certain age when you get to retire, it is a 5k time, it  is qualification.  

I was always interested in being better at my craft of Chiropractic/Therapy/Strength Coach.  I think deep down I thought at a certain point, I'd be really good and then I'd be done.  I'd take this seminar, keep reading and I'd be great and be done learning.  I'd learn from this guy, practice, practice practice and I'd be where I want to be.  

Craftsmanship doesn't have a Z. 

 This is my realization.  I will always read, I will always take seminars.  This is not done anymore to get to a point I think of down the road.  It's done to keep learning.  It's enjoyable to know that there is no end.  You can always learn and get better.  When I finally had the mental shift that I'm not after Z but I'm after getting better at my craft,  a light bulb went off.  There is a certain freedom in the kaizen principle of a little bit better every day, versus, I need to learn this to get to Z. 

I'm not at all implying that goals are not important.  But, usually goals are in a  subset of your craft.  Running a fast 5k may be a goal, but the craftsmanship is running.  Realize this or you may not run long, or a bad 5k time may be depressing or you may sacrifice the craft for the sake of a goal.  

Don't Sacrifice Craftsmanship for Goals

It can be easy to run through an injury.  You hit your 5k, but can't run for 3 months now.  I can get to X number of patients quickly if I sell fear, but you didn't build a practice, you got quick numbers for dollars.  

I'm retaking a seminar in a month called Functional Range Release.  I've taken all of them.  A few years ago, I wouldn't have.  It would have become a check mark of things I have accomplished.  I think I will gain great value in this.  They don't require a "get certified every year" thing either.  (HOW DO I LOATH THIS PRACTICE)  It will simply be me pursuing craftsmanship to get a little better.  

Be thankful that there is no Z.  What a boring place in life and job that would be if it existed.