Wednesday, April 29, 2015

11 Things That Annoy Me

1.  Products like Valsliders that sell for 30 bucks a pair.  These are furniture movers.  4 pack for 12 bucks at Amazon or Bed/bath and beyond.  ( I actually highly recommend them for patients as they can be used for lots of different exercises.)

2.  Marketing a myofascial release ball for 40 bucks because it has special grabby things on it.  It splits in half in a few weeks.  (have seen this)  5 dollar softball heater works just as well if not better.

3.  Still angry about 47 dollar ebooks.

4.  There seems to be like a group of 10 or so trainers that all recommend each others products.

5.  Being asked to send information, articles, or recommendations.  After following up and realizing like maybe 5% ever do anything with the information,  I developed a new policy.  I have them send me an email requesting whatever information they are looking for.  It puts accountability in their hands and I have a written reminder.  Maybe 1 out of 10 people ever send the email.  This tells me it wasn't that important and would have been a waste of my time.

6.  People asking for nutrition advice but can't tell me how many calories they ingest in a day or who balk at a food journal for a week.

7.  People who think coffee is unhealthy.  :)

8.  Anyone trying to convince me of an amazing supplement that changed their life, juices seem to be a craze for awhile.  Noni, cactus juice derivative, acai, pomegranate, zia, mona vie, juice plus, and every other 40 dollar dollar out there.

9.  That a workout needs to crush you for it to be a good workout.  "It really gets you sweating."  "I was so sore."  "It was a puker."

10.  Athletes that don't think they need rest days.

11.  Cable TV cost.

I'm sure this list will grow as this is whats in my head while I'm drinking some fine Ethiopian coffee. So part 2 in the future!

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Danny Adams said...

I am a big fan of your blog Jason, though this latest post reminds me of an old British TV series called 'Grumpy Old Men' haha.