Thursday, April 9, 2015

Road Trip Learning

I just arrived to Chicago to learn and get better at a Functional Range Release Seminar.  It takes me about 3.5 hours from Grand Rapids, MI where I live.  This means it was time to catch up on some podcasts!

First up was Will Chung on Shelby Starnes Blue Collar Radio.  I got some nice ideas about "perpetual motion" training.

Finished up a Charlie Weingroff interview on the Strength Coach Podcast.  Big takeaway or more of a reminder was this, "Everything is either a warm up or cool down,  something to make you move better, or something to make you a monster."

GMB fitness latest podcast was with Dr. Andreo Spina, (who is actually teaching the course I'm currently traveling to attend)  Good stuff on what it actually means to have healthy human joints.  What does being healthy mean?

Got about an hour into this Joe Rogan Podcast with Josh Barnett.  Pretty solid so far.

You listening to anything good lately?


Adam said...

Hi Jason,
Try Hmmr podcast with Martin bissinger, All things strength and wellness with Robbie Bourke, also RTS podcast with Mike Tuchscherer.

sifter said...

I second GMB, I'm late to that party but finding a lot of useful information, just like on your site.