Friday, April 24, 2015

Functional Range Release the 2nd Time Through

Just because you have taken a technique class before doesn't mean you can't take it again.  I think some people just need permission to know that.

I've always budgeted education into my expenses.  I enjoy going to seminars and meeting other therapists.  Talking about how they incorporate different techniques or ideas into their practice is always beneficial. The ultimate is finding a seminar and being able to incorporate the techniques into Mondays patients.  

Functional Range always delivers on both sides. 

It's been a few weeks now since I retook FRR Upper in Chicago.  (I had already taken all of them)

I looked over my notes from the first Upper and the latest Upper I attended.  Very few were even remotely the same.  This tells me I was paying attention to different things, was hearing things differently or found new insight along the way.  

How many of us have rewatched a movie or reread a book and picked out cool new angles or ideas?

Same concept.  

On a practical side, I can always get better at palpation of anatomy, finding tension, touch and movement.  Your patient or athlete are not going to be able to tell you that you aren't on the triceps long head anymore or that the tension you are creating isn't matching the tension in the tissue.  Key concepts. 

After practicing for a year, I knew what areas of anatomy I wasn't as efficient at finding quickly and differentiating easily.  Time is money.  The quicker I find and treat, the more I get to treat, the better my patient outcomes.  

So the 2nd time around really let me practice "harder" on certain areas. 

I really recommend retaking a course in your future.  I think you will find even more value as an FRR practitioner.  Mastery is a journey.   


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