Saturday, January 24, 2009


Interesting fact, the human digestive tract has roughly the same number of neurons as the spinal column.  The brain uses neurotransmitters to tell your heart to beat, lungs to breath, stomach to digest.  They have huge influence on how you concentrate, mood, sleep patterns, and weight.  There will be adverse symptoms when they are out of balance.  So what exactly does this mean for an athlete or even the average weekend warrior? 

 First lets take a look at a few more interesting facts.  Someone with a lot of subtle food allergies will produce much more cortisol when they eat something that slightly irritates them.  Now were talking subtle food allergies here, not the kind that sends someone to the hospital, often times you won't even know you have them.  But what will happen is that it will inflame the person and irritate the gut.   66% of all neurotransmitters are made in the intestinal gut lining.   That number jumps to 95% for  serotonin.   Depression and inhibited immune system are a few things associated with low serotonin levels.  So someone with a leaky gut syndrome will definitely have there neurotransmitter production compromised.  Someone with depression caused by lack of serotonin may in fact be suffering from leaky gut syndrome.   So there is a huge price to play for unhealthy digestive tract. 

 I'm still learning a lot of what it takes to deal with this type of situation.  One way you can go about restoring intestinal health though is through the use of probiotics.  I'm currently playing with a few different brands and will let you know what I think and results I have seen.  But realize there is much more going on in the digestive tract then just food digestion!


Coach Rut said...

Hi Jason-- Found your excellent site from Toby Smith here in Kansas City. Back in 1982 (I know forever ago) I spent some time in Lake Placid working with the Luge folks. We bumped into the Bobsled gang a few times.

If I might add to your post, grains are a big culprit in the leaky gut equation. Folks who begin practicing the Paleo Diet will realize a vast improvement in health and fitness

Keep up the great work.

Toby said...

Coach Rut must have made a typo its me Toby Scott, you should check out his site I am about to order his dumbell moves, looks great!!! and I need to find out more about the black box approach. his blog is
Later Ross.

Jason Ross said...

Hey thanks for the info, I knew gluten can play havoc...will look a little more into the paleo diet. Thanks for reading!