Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wheres the Glamour

Lots of people get the idea that because you compete for a country like the United States, that you lift and train in the finest facilities in  the world no matter where you are.  This week the U.S. National bobsled  team and I are in Whistler, BC.  Were here for two weeks training and getting ready for the track that will be site of the 2010 Olympic games.  Scene here is a pretty typical scenario.  The weights we travel with set up in a hotel garage.  It's about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  There is ice on the floor in some spaces.  This is TJ Burns getting ready to finish his last set of squats.  It's not always glamorous, it's not always comfortable, it can be cold and dark, but this is where champions are made.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason, Great Blog, I just finished reading all of your posts between patients. check out my website and give me a ring, we need to catch up. hope all is well! Great reading, your getting smart with your age :)
Tell Trato to call some time too!

Super Bon Bon said...

No way! When did you arrive in Whistler??? We were just there snowboarding - left on Monday. Too bad!

Jason Ross said...

Toby! I will check it out, great to hear from you. I'll give you a call when I get back in the states!

Jason Ross said...

Bonnie! Hey I got here last friday! We should have met up!

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice post! Some may laugh at my garage gym set up since I live in MN and yes the temp in there some times hits 18 F, but most of the time it is 40F. You are bang on that the most successful people come from places most would not touch--Metroflex, West side, most old school Bulgarian weight training halls, etc.

The ironic part is that I have a nicer set up (Elite FTS and DD KBs) than most gyms! I would not trade it for the world.

Great stuff here!
Rock on
Mike N

Jason Ross said...

Yea...I'm a garage lifter myself 90% of the time! I can't stand the "chrome and fern" in the words of Brooks Kubiak.