Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psoas and Calf Relationship

Often times the Psoas, when it gets tight, can lead to a number of body dysfunctions. It plays a huge role in the normal gait cycle. When the thigh is behind the body the foot and ankle are most dorsiflexed. This is the position where the hip flexors and calf are at the most stretched position. So in turn these muscles are under a stretch reflex. This position also allows for the leg to come through easiest. If dorsiflexion isn't achieved you will "trip" over your feet or are forced to slightly recruit the hip flexors to bring your knee higher. Without the dorsiflexion your psoas and other hip flexors will be under constant stretch reflex and as a result will get tighter and tighter. So the solution to this problem is not to strengthen the dorsiflexors, but to stretch the gastroc/soleus complex. Return the ease of range of motion to the calf and it will bring the tone down in the psoas muscle.

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