Thursday, December 16, 2010

UTI's in the Elderly

So I was working with a patient the other day and we got to talking about stress and what kinds of stressors she was dealing with and part of the conversation turned into urinary tract infections in the elderly.  Pretty random but interesting as I had never heard the information before.

While normal UTI's will have warning signs of burning with urination, frequent urination and sometimes the inability to fully empty the bladder.  In the elderly, you don't necessarily have any of those symptoms, what you can get is sudden change in behavior.  They won't be able to do tasks that just yesterday seemed easy.  They might not recognize you or think you're someone else.  Basically, a lot of mental dementia type symptoms.

 I had never heard this before and thought it was worth spreading the word.  With lot's of peoples parents getting up in age, just something to keep in the back of your minds.  

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