Friday, December 31, 2010

The Wonder of Wow in Sports and Life

Over the Christmas holiday I was able to go see one of the Cirque De Shows with my wife.  It was here in Grand Rapids, MI at the Devos Center in conjunction with our local symphony.  If you have never seen a Cirque De Show, I highly recommend it.  It got me thinking about how many times in life you really just say Wow!  Like genuinely, unconsciously just go wow.  The Cirque shows do just that.  They do some physical things that you don't think the human body is capable of doing.

It got me thinking about sports and why they are so popular and how the salaries seem out of proportion and all that is good and bad about sports.  I think one of the reasons we watch sports is that on those rare occasions an athlete does something so extraordinary, it makes us go wow.  Deep down, I think we crave that wow, that little bit of wonder that seeps into you and makes life just feel better.  If an athlete does this enough we call them superstars (think MJ, Barry, Nadal, Usain,) and know them on a first name basis and yea, they get paid a ton.

I'm the first to agree that most athletes are way overpaid, but I also think those rare athletes that can make you go wow on an above average basis are paid what they deserve.  If they can make the multimillion's that watch them go wow and feel the wonder, then that is a truly special gift and deserves to be rewarded.

This lead me to think about my own impact, other peoples impact.  Have you made someone go wow in your job?  You don't need to be an athlete, it can be the service you provide that overwhelms them from what they expect or what they are used to receiving.  You can be your own wow as well I think, set a goal so high, that when you look back on it, you go wow, that was awesome. Either way, the more wows you can give and receive the more life will be filled with wonder.  Here is to ending the last week of 2010 and bringing in 2011.  If I can suggest just one goal for 2011.  Experience more wow.

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