Saturday, February 26, 2011

NFL Combine and New Technology in Under Armour E39 Sensor

Watching a little of the NFL combine this past weekend I saw a very interesting new piece of technology being used.  It was called the Under Armour E39.  It was basically a center computer chip (think Ironman) embedded in a skin tight jersey.  It measured heart rate and acceleration.  Heart rate is cool, but acceleration, VERY COOL!

They measure it in G forces.  The Tight End that was being used as an example,  had a G force rating of 8.9 in his first 10 yards in the 40 yard dash.  He had an identical G force rating in the Vertical Leap test.  There has been a strong correlation in Vert test and 40 time.  So this seems pretty accurate.

For strength coaches this seems like it may have some awesome potential.  The data can all be uploaded to your computer for analysis.  It was made by a company called Zephyr out of New Zealand.  Under Armour has stated that it will be available for athletes and schools after this combine.  I know I want one!


Scott_Myotest said...

Check out the Myotest, uses 3D accelerameter, and instantly displays power, force, velocity, height.

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