Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nutrition Snip Its from Dr Rakowski

A mentor of mine turned me onto the information of Dr. Robert Rakowski.  He is a chiro/nutrition guy that works with many sprinters/athletes including Tyson Gay.

I was all excited to take a seminar with him in Minnesota this April, but it was cancelled.  I perused the Internet and found out that Charles Poliquin is also a big fan.  That's a pretty high endorsement.

He did an interview with him and here are some of they strong take home points.

Malnutrition is really the key.  Not overeating.  The reason people are malnourished is that the soil has become depleted in the last 1/2 century.  It takes 17 minerals to make a healthy plant.  We put three back in by way of fertilizers.  Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Because the plants are weaker from lack of minerals they need pesticides to help ward off insects.  We ingest the pesticides and it takes energy to detoxify them.  We get less value from our food, while also requiring more of our energy systems to detoxify it.  Thus we turn to medications for myriad of problems.

He states that all things being equal, the athletes with the best nutrient status and least amount of toxicity in the body will win.

You must do your homework when looking for good supplements.  IOC (International Olympic Committee) found almost 15% of supplements from 640 types from over 200 companies were contaminated.  At least find one that is GMP certified.   (I recommend PURE)

Everyone needs a multivitamin, a plant source and omega 3's.  The data behind these 3 are amazing.

I'm hoping I can attend one of this guys seminars in June now.


Lori Tsutsui said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on supplements.

Rick said...

Jason, I'm new here. I really like what I see.

Newbie question - what do you mean when you say a "plant source"?


Jason Ross said...

A greens product. Something with a lot of chlorophyl. Wheat grass , barley, algea, spiraling ect...