Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Product Review: Weighted Jump Rope

 I recently purchased a 4lb orange weighted jump rope through Power Systems.  Wow, talk about a big disappointment.  It actually hurt my wrists.  Not like muscular sore, like this will hurt my wrists if I keep doing this.  I did about 30 revolutions and decided it would cause joint problems.  The ball bearing in the handle was complete garbage.

I had a buddy of mine try it without telling him anything about it.  First thing he said after doing a few reps was that it hurt his wrists.  The good thing was Power Systems said I could return it.

So without a doubt, pass on the weighted jump rope.


Dr. Scott said...

Jay, I have been jumping a different heavy rope for a while and love it, it takes a little to get used to as the motion is different at your wrist then with a normal rope. The rope I jump does not have a swivel. The guy was the inventor of the original heavy rope and is now coming out with a newer version. There is nothing like jumping the heavy rope, sets of 100 is killer and a 200 2 min challenge is super tough. When they come out (should be later this month) I will see if I can send you one for you to try, just keep in mind you have to play around with your arm position and no wrist issues.

Jason Ross said...

Toby, That would be sweet. Yea...I originally bought it for the reason you just said about killer workout for sets of 100.

What are you currently using?

Dr. Scott said...

I have been using the old "original heavy rope" and now the new heavy rope prototype that will be marketed under the name "the big rope". The difference between the old and new one is that the old one was a rubber tube that was filled with sand to give the weight. It worked well and had a unique stretch to it that increased the resistance as it rotated around. It worked great and was used by kareen and Walter Payton, however it wore out and would make a mess if it wore through the rubber, the new one is a solid flexible platic/rubber that will virtually never wear but still retains flexibility. I have a prototype rope currently and have been really happy with it, you do have to use your wrist different and instead of being fully externally rotated you end up in almost a hammer curl type position and use a more forward back arm motion. When i get back from vacation I will shoot a video and send it to you or post it.