Thursday, March 17, 2011

Self Limiting Exercises

I can't remember if I first heard the term self limiting exercise from Gray Cook or Alwyn Cosgrove.  Either way, I also am a big fan.

Self limiting exercises, as described by Cook, are activities that require a complete mindfulness, connectedness to the activity that is being engaged.  They produce greater physical awareness. They also have the ability to shore up the weak area.  They don't allow you to power through by cheating.  Thus, you tend to stop the exercise before cementing bad movement or use improper technique.

Here are some examples of self limiting exercises.  Barefoot running, jumping rope, turkish get ups, goblet squats, bottoms up kettlebell press, farmers carry, battle ropes, inverted rows and waiters walks.  All these exercise's you will stop when posture gives out, grip strength fails, core fails, ect....

In Cook's book Movement, he summarizes the work with Self Limiting Exercises as a way to shore up weak links because you can never become stronger then your weakest link.

So throw in a few self limiting exercises in your weekly training cycle and watch as your movements progress and you become stronger in a much safer manner.


Chris Melton said...

Great post...people who haven't tried theses exercises have no idea how intense they are....nor how effective. Warning: doing these exercises may lead to massive gains...side-effects include: full-body pain, profuse sweating, possibly cursing, crying and feelings of accomplishment.

Jason Ross said...

Thanks....I always start and finish with a self limiting exercise.