Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Testing Fascial line with The Bunkie Test in Grand Rapids

I discovered the Bunkie Test about a month ago surfing the Internet reading about fascial lines developed by Thomas Meyers, author of Anatomy Trains. The Bunkie Test was created by a physiotherapist in South Africa. I believe she calls it the Bunkie Test, because the test uses a small stool called a Bunkie. It is recommended the Bunkie be the height of the length of your humerus bone. The stool I use in my video was a little big. You could also use a TRX or other suspension trainer.

I actually first noticed a weak fascial line on my left doing single leg blast strap push ups. I felt very strong with right leg down and weak with my left leg down. This got me thinking of the fascial lines and what that all meant.

Bring in the Bunkie Test. Five positions are tested. Posterior stabilizing, Posterior power, anterior power, medial stabilising and lateral stabilising/power. Each test is tested bilaterally. You should be able to hold each position for 30 seconds. If not it it recommended you receive fascial work on the weak line and strengthen the line. You should see immediate improvement after treatment and retest.

I think the real beauty is the way it can show some discrepancies under load that tests the specific fascial lines, but also show right and left imbalances. Imbalance's between left side and right side have been shown to be a good predictor of injury.

I like that your athletes or patients can test themselves and show themselves what is weak. I love the fact that you can test, find weakness or strength, treat and then retest. Instant feedback.
I've started to use this test in my office in Grand Rapids and have had some promising results.

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