Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Is Here: What to Keep, What to Change

Every year you are probably bombarded with suggestions for new years resolutions.  Why so fatalistic?  Didn't we get anything right in 2011?  What about thinking of things we did well and maintaining them!

So my suggestion is start there!  List the good stuff, the stuff you're proud of, the stuff you got right and want to continue to do.  Be specific.  Don't say I will continue to drink water.  I will continue to drink 100oz of water.  I will continue to do three 20min workouts per week.

Now if there is something you want to change, apply the 3 rules for successful transformation.
1.  Find out where you are.  If you want to lose weight.  How much do you weigh?  Body fat percentage?  If you want to eat more vegetables, how much are you eating now?  What type?

2.  Pick one or two and go for it.  Listing 10-15 may sound great, but change is hard, so pick out one or two and prioritize them.  Anything is possible, just not everything at once!

3.  Reverse engineer your goal.  List specifically where you want to be and start working backwards to your present state.  Be very specific.  Smaller steps, perhaps 5-10 mini-goals that lead you from your goal to where you are now.  This makes Rule number 1 very important.  Be honest with yourself and where you are.

Here's to a(nother) great year.  2012.

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