Thursday, January 26, 2012

DVD REVIEW: Womens Sprinting: Therapeutic Considerations for Speed and Power Development

Last night I watched the DVD:  Women's Sprinting:  Therapeutic Considerations for Speed and Power Development."

It was a presentation by Track and Field coach Kebba Tolbert coach for Texas El Paso.  He has trained some pretty fast track athletes.  I'm just going to list some of my take away points.  For only 25 dollars, I thought it was actually a pretty good buy.  It's an interesting perspective hearing a coach talk about the high value they put on therapy and the important clues he looks for.

Hamstring issues in his sprinters, he always checks the psoas first, piriformis second, adductors third, quads last.  Usually it is not the hamstring.  Levitt's old law, he who treats the site of pain is lost!

Peroneals that are tight kill the elasticity of the athlete.  Probably the most important take away point for myself.

Athletes need to drink a gallon of water a day.  Dehydration can kill an athlete.  (not literally)  Most don't even come close to this.  Those that do, bounce back from injury up to 50% faster.

Deep lateral rotators are tight, the foot will land externally rotated.  This will transmit tension either into the back or into the hamstrings.

When the quadratus lumborum is healthy you will see a nice oscillation/undulation in sprinters.  When they are tight, you won't.

He did a lot of drills, not for warm up or sprint mechanics, but to see how the athlete is moving.  I found this very interesting.  One drill he performed was the slow backwards walk with hip extension to evaluate the psoas.  I will try to make a video of this in the future.

All in all, a pretty nice little resource.

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