Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bodyweight Movement for Fatigue Mastery

Every few weeks on a Saturday morning I will throw in a repetition day in the weight room. I don't enjoy running distance so I use it as a type of resisted cardio. Some call it GPP ( general physical prep) The benefits are I can get some clean volume in, keep a mastery of body weight exercise, but also I can learn two things I think are important.

First mastering posture and breathing while fatigued and secondly, finding weakness while fatigued.
A. 100 pushups
B. 100 Glute ham raise
C. 100 chin ups
D. 100 KB swings
E. 100 Inverted rows
50 jump ropes in between every set done. Each set has a maximum of 20 reps. So if you can do 30 push ups, you still stop at 20, do a set of jump rope and go to the Glute ham. The jump rope sets are done with a tall spine, breathing in through the nose, using that diaphragm.

You will learn to keep good breathing technique while fatigued. As you progress you will quickly find out what your weakness is. Mine at the moment is vertical pulling. This then will become more of a focus for me in the weeks that follow. You can substitute swiss ball leg curl for the Glute ham and box jumps for the KB swings. Don't allow any rest between each exercise, force yourself to move quickly. Enjoy!

-train out pain and train in performance!

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