Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What You Have in Common with NFL Players

Recently, we have had an increase of NFL players come into the clinic here in Grand Rapids, for treatment to increase performance. You would be surprised at the similarities you have in common. While most people come in because of pain, these guys realize their job is their body and come in to figure out how to get better.

These guys are all big strong and fast, but they deal with the same neurological and myofascial rules we all play with.

Poor thoracic mobility will contribute to stiffness feeling and improper shoulder function.

Hip stiffness will slow you down, make you less athletic and contribute to lots of low back issues.

You don't out train poor nutrition. You may get away with it for a few weeks, but it comes crashing back to haunt you.

One thing to take away that is different is the mindset. They view their body as a machine to take care of. Health and performance are not an after thought, to be pursued when you are already sick and injured.

Pursue health and increased performance is around the corner.

-train out pain-train in performance

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