Friday, December 19, 2014

Random Thoughts from the Clinic/Life

Detox juices and highly restricted calories should not be combined with exercise.

Working all the patellar ligaments around the knee produces a unique feeling of lightness in the leg and is often overlooked in knee problems.

The VMO has a direct fascial connection to the psoas muscle.  (learned this...not in clinic)  Treating the VMO with the Psoas has produced (acutely) better results.

All my Crossfit athletes I take care of have one sided bracialis issues.  I believe it's from all the gymnastic ring work.  When this muscle gets tight, the anterior delt isn't to far behind in becoming sore/painful.  I used to think this was biceps irritation.  (Thanks functional range seminars for showing me this is anterior delt)

I'm done buying those online ebook/videos that are 37 dollars in the first week and after this week it jumps to 47 dollars.  You click on the link and it sends you to a page where it's a million people giving great reviews and they want you to buy the gold package.  I'm done I tell you.  I won't tell you which one I bought yesterday, not a fan of bad mouthing someones work, but I feel like I threw money away and I even found the book to be solid.

Speaking of good, Tom Furman has a great Ebook.  Bamboo Gods, Iron Men and Rubber Bands.  Great info and highly practical.  Learned a few things and had some creative insights in the mobility game.  All for 9.99.  Not that rip off 47 dollars.

Fruits and Vegetables just need to be available.  People (myself and family) eat them way more when they are just laying around.  Someone brought in a fruit basket the other day and my weekly consumption has jumped.  To bad junk food never goes bad and the healthy stuff does.

My patients that have undergone some sort of cancer treatment in their life have a different quality to their tissue.  It always feels like there is more of plastic quality if that makes sense.  It's much harder for me to grab a spot to hold onto.  I've been thinking way more on the nutritional aspects of healthy connective tissue lately.

People feel tremendously better when you get them breathing better.  For older populations, opening up the pectoral girdle seems to really give them a turbo boost of energy.

The quicker you can start some rehab/movement post injury the quicker results you can achieve.  The old adage of rest is pretty much dead.  This was a big reminder this week after a grade 2 hamstring came in 6 weeks after it happened.  Find what you can do pain free and start from there.

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