Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pressure is Building

Traveling on the plane a few weeks ago I had the miserable experience of my ears not popping.  It was painful.   Gum chewing, forced yawning, blowing my nose, nothing really worked.   It took at least three or four days for the pressure to finally relax and it to feel normal.

Just a few days ago, in the shower, my ear popped loudly, (in my head at least)  my hearing felt better and instantly my head felt lighter.  My body had grown accustomed to the less then optimal experience.  Was I in pain?  No.  If someone had asked how my ear pressure was I would have said that everything was fine.  

Subtle pressure is impossible to feel.  It comes on slowly.  

How do you boil a frog?  SLOWLY

How often in life do we grow accustomed to abnormal pressure.  Whether it's mental or physical.  Have something that may be weighing on your mind.  Don't think it's that big of deal.  When you finally deal with it you find yourself sleeping better.  Mental pressure is for real.

A lot of the treatment and therapy will result in the joint feeling lighter.  I tell every patient that is what the joint is supposed to feel like.  Over time you have become accustomed to the pressure.  Your abnormal is normal.  You aren't moving or feeling optimal, because you lost optimal long ago.   You are comfortably uncomfortable.  

Something to be said for wellness visits.  

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