Friday, March 27, 2009

Gait Analysis

It's pretty cool to be able to have the time to video and analyze the athletes your working with. Here we have Bill Schufenhaur 2x Olympian and medal winner. I had him run at about 50%. Just to see if there was anything we could tweak to enhance performance. I could see an ever so slightly difference in rotation on the left side. We worked his obliques and noted a smoother second run. Now this was done with nothing bothering him. Why then do you do it? We're looking for even the slightest bit of difference. Remember that at the highest level, a hundredth of a second can be the difference between gold and silver.


Mike T Nelson said...

Gait analysis is a VERY powerful tool indeed and is taught in the Z Health R Phase cert. Excellent work.

Far from me to point out things in top level athlete's performance, but, do you notice anything different in his arm swing on the left vs right side?

Rock on!!
Mike T Nelson

Jason Ross said...

Great eye Mike, yea...after we opened up the oblique it got better. I wish I had done a before and after!