Saturday, March 14, 2009

Transitioning off the Treadmill

I've already talked about how I dislike the treadmill, how it disrupts natural running mechanics. But lets face it, Michigan winters suck. So you may have resorted to it. So if you've already built up your base this winter on this equipment, you may be getting ready to make the transition from indoor to outdoor running.

First, each spring I see countless runners get what I call the spring muscles. Slight strains of hamstring and calves that seem to come out of nowhere. They all say the same thing, "I have been doing 15 miles every other day on the treadmill, this was just an easy 5 miler."

So here's the plan. Take your longest training run on the treadmill and multiply by 1/4. So if your longest training run was 20 miles, your first outdoor run is 5 miles. Now your going to run this at your 20 mile pace! Here's a sample schedule.
Longest treadmill run 20 miles
Day 1 outside: 5 miles at same pace
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: 5 miles at same pace
Day 4: 5 miles at same pace
Day 5: 7 miles at 30 second faster per/mile pace
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 9 miles at 20 mile treadmill pace
Day 8: 3 miles at fast pace
Day 8: PM 8 miles at treadmill pace
Day 9: Rest
Day 10: Rest
Day 11: 7 miles at an easy pace
Day 12: 14 miles at regular pace
Day 13: Rest
Day 14: 10 miles at best pace
Day 14: PM 10 miles at slow pace

Before each run. Dynamic warm up stressing the hamstring/glute function.
Here is a sample schedule to take two weeks to transition back to the roads and hopefully keep the strained hamstring/calf to a minimum this spring!

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Mike T Nelson said...

I agree--treadmills suck.

I think it causes confusion--the joints tell the body you are moving, but the eyes tell your brain "no, you are not moving--you are in the same darn place" Plus as you state, the mechanics are all different.

Rock on
Mike N