Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Facts and Thoughts

I haven't posted random thoughts and facts in a while, so here's a few to think over that I have read or am reading on.

1. The main anti-oxidants in the blood are Vitamin C and E, and Uric Acid. Polyphenols, "the miracle antioxidants" found in plants and berries ect...actually are a toxin that prevent mineral absorption. Your body secrets uric acid to counterbalance this. So it's not actually the miracle its been claimed.

2. On that note, you may have seen inosine in some sports products. Oral inosine has been shown to convert to uric acid. It was big in the seventies with no real results though. Right now it's being tested with MS patients.

3. I love learning about the hip. If you have decrease IR (internal rotation) at 90 degrees of abduction, it's the inferior capsule that is tight, not the posterior. Probably the quickest way to get this restored is through gentle mobilizations.

4. Nutrient deficiency can come from not eating enough of the nutrient. Eating enough of it, but not absorbing it. Finally eating it, but something blocking the absorption. Examples of this include, wheat bran and vitamin D, Omega 6 vegtable oils and vitamin E.

5. Multifidi actually strengthen with lengthening. I believe this is the only muscle to do so. This poses some interesting questions when it comes to exercise selection.

6. If your under stress for any reason, tests, work, lack of sleep, up your fish oil. It's a great stress way to limit your stress hormone output.

Hope this gets you thinking, and you learned a little valuable nugget to pursue more deeply.


Mike T Nelson said...

For #6 is that related to prostogladins?

Is the muscle structure different for it to have such a different function? I would assume it would have to be.

Rock on
Mike N

Jason Ross said...

Yes prostaglandins. From how I understand it, the Omega 3 fish oils compete with the Omega 6 FA binding sites on the COX 1 enzyme. (why omega 6 leads to imflammation). Omega 6 leads to prostaglandins. Omega 3 FA also lead to a prostaglandins as well but there way less inflammatory. So the more Omega 3 you have the more they block the binding sites of the Omega 6, thus less inflammation.

In the multifidi, to my understanding, has the shortest sarcomeres of any where in the human body, and is actually the strongest muscle in the low back.