Saturday, March 21, 2009

It Takes Work

If anyone has been paying attention to either Mad Money or The John Stewart show, you are probably aware of their war of words that culminated in Cramer coming on Johns show. I found Stewarts quote to be quite interesting, "Isn't that part of the problem, selling this idea that you don't have to do anything? Anytime you sell people the idea that, sit back and you'll get 10 to 20 percent on your money, don't you always know that that's going to be a lie. When are we going to realize in this country that are wealth is work, that we're workers."

Whether you agree with the statement or not, I find that it is just as interesting when you apply it to training, losing weight or fitness. How many times are people trying to sell an easy fix when it comes to your health? Think 6 minute abs, or 12 minutes a week is all that you need. Seriously 12 minutes? Eat anything you want and still lose weight. Really, anything? Come on people we're smarter then that. When it comes right down to it, health and fitness aren't complex. Simple doesn't mean easy though. Nothing worth having is ever easy though, it takes work. So work at it and work for it, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body.

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