Monday, June 8, 2009

Bobsled Training Update

This past week I had 4 bobsled athletes fly in or make the trip up to Grand Rapids for some one on one training. It was good to be able to see some of the progress being made first hand heading into the Olympic year. Two of the athletes broke there previous PR's in the trap bar deadlift. So the maximal strength for this time of year is excellent. Some pushing technique ques were developed that should pay dividends down the road.

The bobsled season is unique in that there is a pretty long offseason in which to build up for the season. The season is somewhat like football where every weekend you must peak for a race and then hopefully if all goes well plan on being in the big show, the Olympic games. For the athletes, they must also plan on peaking for the push championships before the season even starts, for some athletes this must be followed by being in top shape for the National Championships, also before the season starts. So it becomes a chess match with the different strength, speed, technique qualities that must be juggled from what you gain in the offseason to peaking for the important events and not losing your offseason gains.

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