Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't throw out that egg yolk!

Don't throw out that egg yolk! Egg yolks are loaded with vital vitamins, one being choline. Choline is essential in the formation of acetyl choline a neurotransmitter. It's also vital for pregnant women as it helps with the development of the child. It cuts down on neural tube defects. It's also important for cell membrane health. It has been shown to be a breast cancer preventative as well as improve cardiovascular health and improve memory. It has been estimated that one in ten Americans currently reach the RDA for choline which is 550 milligrams. It's not that far of a reach to say that the RDA for most things is notoriously low. Two egg yolks provide around 250 milligrams. Other good sources are broccoli, beef liver and cod. So say goodbye to that all white omelet. Keep the yolk!

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