Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adductor Pain Revisited

Looking at groin pain from a different view point can many times be helpful.  There are a lot of different mechanisms of injury that can cause pain/dysfunction in the adductor group.  One that is often ignored or quite simply not know about is the fascial role the rectus abdominis (RA) can play.

The fascial sheath of the adductor muscles is tensioned proximally by muscular fibers from the RA.  The RA inserts at the pubic crest.  A small medial strip of the tendon from both sides crosses in front of the symphysis pubis and fuses with the fascial sheath of the adductor muscles.

Thus, if you have some adhesions or shortening in the RA muscle, (think countless crunches) you can develop an adductor dysfunction.  An example is an athlete cutting where the adductor really has to stabilize.  When this happens your "core" muscles are really fighting hard to prevent motion, so if there is a tightening in the RA there will be an abnormal amount of tension pulling into the adductor.  Recipe for groin pain.  Another great reason and scenario to look at the whole picture, not just where you're feeling pain.

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