Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kneeling Squat Glute Activation with Band

This is one of the best glute activation exercises I've tried. I actually felt like my glutes were going to cramp up. After just one set, my hips felt a lot lighter more free and my pelvis was in a more neutral state.


helium said...

The glutes extend the hips, right? In this exercise you extend the knees against a band, similar to a leg extension machine. How does that activate the glutes?

(I haven't tried the exercise yet, but I can't imagine how the band resistance adds anything to the level of glut activation.)

Jason Ross said...

Actually, this when done with weight on your shoulders is an old powerlifting assistance exercise I learned from Louie Simmons. I got the idea for activation from that.

If you flip it around and imagine it on the floor it will look like a modified glute bridge. But with the kneeling mechanism, you pretty much eliminate the hamstrings that can sometimes dominate a glute bridge.

The bands when high on the hips add quite a bit of resistance to that final hip extension that the glutes create.

Alls I can say is try will make you a believer.

Glenn said...

Those look great. Will def. give them a try. Thanks.

Hey... what happened to the follow-up to last week's post on pectoral and external hip rotator stretches? You promised! lol

Dr. Scott said...

Rossco, I love that exercise and have been doing it with weights for a while...I like the band concept and need to give it a try.....but what type of band are you using? Seems like mine are all the wrong size. Let me know!, thanks bro (you heading back to palmer this summer for homecoming?, buettenback and I and trato should too!

Jason Ross said...

Glenn, Sorry about that, I thought I published it last Friday! It's up now.

Jason Ross said...

Toby, Yea...the weighted version is nice. I use it in progression with some of my athletes. The most intense is jumping up from it and then landing and jumping again.

I think were thinking about it. Hooker Bill may be flying in as well. Trato I think was planning on it. We'll see, my one year anniversary is in the middle, so have to get permission...haha.

Dr. Scott said...

what type of band is it?

Jason Ross said...

Toby, They are
EFS Pro Light Short Bands. They have them at Elite for like 5 bucks.

I think I will order some other strengths as well. I'm finding a lot of fun little uses for these suckers.